Personal Injury

Accidents happen every day but not all of them give rise to a winnable personal injury claim.  For this to occur you must be able to establish “fault”. Legally speaking this boils down to establishing the existence of a duty (obey the traffic laws), breach of that duty (run a stop sign) and resulting damages (injury &/or property damage).

Determining Fault    

Sometimes fault is very apparent--other times, not so much.  If you are rear ended at an intersection or someone turns in front of your car--it’s fairly easy to conclude who is at fault.  All case are not that easy, the other driver may say you were speeding or not paying attention.

Premises cases--where you are injured on someone’s property or place of business-- are particularly difficult--every one of them comes with a built in defense---“watch where you’re going”.  Spills in restaurants or stores, snow and ice, uneven sidewalks are just a few examples. The analysis for these cases always begins with: people don’t fall for no reason, could this have been prevented with the exercise of reasonable care?

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Once liability has been established the real work begins in assembling and presenting the damages resulting from the negligent act.  This involves much more than collecting your medical bills and a few paycheck stubs. In catastrophic cases this will include medical experts for future care, equipment needs, vocational rehabilitation, life expectancy, economists and Life Care Planners.  Preparing Day in the Life Videos can be extremely compelling evidence.

Many times there may be more than one party responsible and it takes a thorough investigation to determine whether an employer may be liable for the acts of an employee, thus revealing much more insurance coverage available.  Sometimes it is the landlord of a tenant whose dog has mauled someone. Or it could be a car owner who has entrusted their vehicle to someone known to be irresponsible.

We have handled thousands of these cases over the last 38 years and recovered millions for our clients.

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After an injury, the insurance company may try to convince you that you don’t deserve fair payment to cover the costs of your recovery. Don’t listen, and don’t suffer in silence. Call us today for a free consultation. We aren’t afraid to push for the settlement your case truly deserves. And if it comes down to it, we are more than ready to fight for you in a court of law.