Oklahoma’s new medical marijuana laws

When it comes to Oklahoma’s new medical marijuana laws, there are currently more questions than answers. I’ve been putting off writing this blog post, hoping the law, the constantly changing emergency rules, and the lawsuits about those rules would get settle down and that I’d be able to provide a clear explanation of the law for everyone.

Well, applications for patient and business licenses are supposed to start being accepted at the end of this week, and it’s pretty clear that isn’t going to happen. This is a bigger problem for people wanting to get business licenses than for people wanting to get patient licenses.

For business applicants, things are kind of up in the air. As it stands, the emergency rules issued by the Oklahoma Department of Health on August 1, 2018 are still in effect. These rules put several additional requirements on business applicants which have been challenged in a lawsuit that is still pending.

For people who decide to apply for a license as soon as possible rather than wait until the laws are settled (and there’s no telling how long that will take), the application and licensure requirements may be a moving target.

Rest assured that we are keeping up to date on the changes and proposed changes in the laws and rules so that we will be able to help our business and patient clients get their license applications approved. It’s bound to be a wild ride for a little while, but we’re excited to help our clients through it.

Farrar & Farrar, P.C. is presently accepting new patient and business medical marijuana clients. Call now to schedule a consultation.

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